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dog trainer

From the time I could remember I've always had a passion for working with dogs. Dogs themselves are my teachers. Every dog I work with teaches me something new, because they're all individually unique. As my understanding of dog psychology has grown over time, it's enabled me to bond with dogs, understand their needs, and develop effective ways to help rehabilitate the dog in ways they understand and respond to. My greatest passion is rehabilitating problematic dogs with extreme behavioral issues, such as shyness, fear, fear-aggression, hyperactivity and other unstable behaviors, and bringing balance back in their lives. At the same time, educating owners about dog psychology to better understand their behaviors and effectively communicate with their furry companion.

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Why hire Francine?

Over the past 12 years i've worked with dogs of many breeds and temperaments including companion dogs, show dogs, service dogs and rescues. I love working with puppies and helping families find rewarding, age- appropriate training exercises and socialization techniques. I provide training to dog owners and families with a focus on state of mind, safety, positive reinforcement, proven methods and fun! I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions or harsh, cruel, ineffective methods. I constantly research and read on the best practices and advances in the field of dog training and canine cognitive behaviors. 


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